Fishing Products

Fishing products

£ 145

Used Hardy Marquis 8/9 multiplyer fly reel. Good useable condition but some corrosion marks on the back of the reel, probably whille stored in its case. With Hardy WF7S Line.
Stock No 3036

£ 85

Used Hardy AHE Wood No2 salmon fly rod. 12′ #8/9 3 pc 2 tops, one top broken. Twist Lock Ferrules, original bag.
In need of attention, Butt ring needs straightening and re whipping, various whippings need replaceing, good tip section has a moderate set in it.
Given time we will do all these jobs and then relist it, at a higher price…
No H5821 c1956

£ 80

These reels have a deeper arbour giving you plenty of capacity for your lines. They also have a reliable and smooth disc brake with easy and accurate adjusting. They are strong but still light in weight, thanks to the latest die-cast techniques and materials.

£ 85

  • Super large arbor for rapid retrieve and line memory reduction
  • Super light-weight design
  • Aluminium die-cast frame & cage
  • Unique dot alignment cassette spool fixing
  • Hidden counter-balance system
  • Semi-concealed rulon disc drag
  • High-density polycarbonate cassettes
  • Full eva case for protection
  • 2 X spare cassette spools
  • Capacity: 100 meters backing + WF8

£ 135

The new Wychwood PDR reels have been designed to meet the demands of predator fishing using fly tactics. These reels are manufactured from lightweight aluminium and have a super smooth operation. The large line capacity on the spool allows for heavy predator lines to be loaded onto the reel and the large disc drag system gives them the stopping power to help land any large predator. These reels offer the perfect balance when paired up with our PDR rods.

    Large spool capacity
    Lightweight aluminium
    Super smooth operation
    Powerful disc drag system
  • CNC machine finished, die-cast aluminium frame & spool
  • Large arbor design for faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory
  • Extra hard paint finish for salt-water & chip resistance
  • Multi-disk Cork & Stainless Steel centre drag system
  • Easy Left to Right hand conversion
  • One-way roller clutch bearing
  • Stainless Steel main spindle
  • Quick release spool

#3/4 £72 and #5/7 £79

£ 130

The Vision Kalu reels are exceptional value for money. Their shape is from the famous GT reel, just fattened up. They are machined die-cast reels which conceal a sealed, smooth, drag system consisting of stainless steel and carbon discs. The one turn drag adjustment knob is fully machined. Kalu reels can take more than enough backing with a suitable fly line.


  • Pop out spool release
  • CNC machined housing and drag adjustment
  • Easy and fast 360 drag adjustment
  • Carbon disc used in the brake package made in USA


£ 129

  • Anodised surface finish to Bar-stock aluminium cage and spool
  • Multi-Axis CNC technology
  • Shortened centre pin for weight reduction
  • Injection-moulded comfortfit handle
  • Adjusta clicker drag system
  • Injection moulded from Glassfibre reinforced Nylon
  • Moulded frame & spool for strength & light weight
  • Large arbor design for faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory
  • Hard satin finish for durability & chip resistance
  • Durable composite/stainless stacked disc, centre drag system
  • Easy Left to Right hand conversion
  • Rear drag control

#3/4 £38, #5/6 £40 and #7/8 £45

£ 145

This is a lovely example of the reels made by J.W Young for the Allcocks in around the 1930’s. It is a lead finish with a brass foot and operates with a pawl ratchet. has some age related marks but works as well now as when it was crafted.